Planter Development Trend
- Oct 18, 2018 -

In areas where high-power tractors are being developed, it tends to further increase the working width and operating speed of the planter and improve the quality of seeding under high-speed operations. The versatility and adaptability of different seeds, sowing amount, plant spacing and various soil and ground conditions are further expanding, and various joint working machines and no-till seeding machines are continuing to develop.

Precision seeders will be more widely used in corn, sugar beets, cotton, beans and certain vegetable crops. The manufacturing precision of the seed meter parts will continue to increase, and more electronic monitoring devices that can issue alarm signals in the event of abnormal conditions will be used.

In addition, the sowing method is also constantly improving. For example, the glue seeding method using the peristaltic pump can eliminate the influence of bad soil conditions on the germination of the seeds, and can also apply pesticides and fertilizers at the same time.

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