Main Type Of Seeder
- Oct 18, 2018 -


A seeder that spreads the seeds evenly over the planted plot. The commonly used model is a centrifugal spreader attached to the rear of the agricultural transport vehicle. It consists of a seed box and a spreading wheel. The seeds are dropped from the seed box onto the spreading wheel and broadcasted in a tangential direction under the action of centrifugal force, with a broadcast amplitude of 8 to 12 meters. Powdered or granular fertilizers, lime and other materials can also be spread. The spreading device can also be installed on an agricultural aircraft.


It is mainly used for the seeding of small seeds such as grains, vegetables and pastures. It is commonly used as a grain seed drill. During the operation, the seed wheel rotates by the walking wheel, and the seed from the seed box is discharged into the seed tube according to the required seeding amount, and falls into the opened groove through the opener, and then the soil covering device is used. The seeds are covered and compacted. After emergence, the crops are parallel and equidistant. The drills used for different crops have the same structure except for different types of seed meterers and openers, generally consisting of racks, traction or suspension devices, seed boxes, seed meters, transmissions, seed tubes, The opener, the tracker, the walking wheel and the overburden pressing device are composed. Among them, the main factors affecting the quality of seeding are the seeding device and the opener. Commonly used seed metering devices are slotted, centrifugal, and disc type. The opener has the types of shovel type, shoe type, slide type, single disc type and double disc type.