Hole-seeding Type
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Planting machinery for seeding acupoints at a certain row spacing and hole spacing. Each hole can be used to broadcast 1 or several seeds, which are called single-grain or multi-hole seeding. They are mainly used for cultivating crops such as corn, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower and beans, also known as row crop planters. Each planter can complete the entire operation process such as trenching, seeding, soil covering and cracking.

In view of the wide line spacing of the row crops and the need to adjust, the seeding machines are usually in a single form. Each seeding unit includes a complete set of working parts, which can complete the whole operation process of ditching, seeding, covering soil and cracking. A plurality of units are mounted on the same beam at a required line spacing, that is, a seeding machine that constitutes a different number of lines and a working width, and is matched with tractors of different power levels. China has also developed a sowing and cultivating machine that can be used to install groups of sowing or cultivating parts on the same general frame.