wooden framed case
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The side and end faces are combined with a frame-type box-shaped secret box panel, and the chassis is made of a wooden box made of a sliding wood structure. The frame wooden box is a large wooden box whose maximum weight and maximum outer dimensions are determined according to the usual transportation conditions. Generally speaking, the outer length of the frame wooden box is below 12m, the outer width is below 3.5m, the outer height is below 3.5m, and the weight of the contents is within 500-20000kg. This wooden box is mainly used to package large mechanical products, and can also be used to assemble small items. The frame wooden box is also composed of a base, a side surface, an end surface and a top cover.

The structural difference between them is that the box board of the frame wooden box is the vertical board: the frame wooden box board is outside, the skeleton is all arranged in the box; when the frame wooden box is assembled, the two sides are first installed on the base and the two sides. Finally, the top cover is bound; both are loaded on the basis of the base, but the frame wooden box has more frame structure on the end face and the side than the sliding wooden box. It is because of these frame structures that the frame wooden box is more slippery. Wooden boxes can withstand much greater loads.

The frame wooden box can be divided into Class I (inner frame wooden box) according to the structure: the frame member is on the inner side of the box plate and is suitable for general contents; Class II (outer frame wooden box): the frame structure is on the outside of the box plate, suitable for It is integral in the length direction and has a sufficiently rigid contents. The basic provisions of the design take into account the circulation conditions such as transportation, handling and storage that are usually envisioned.

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