Wood carving craft
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The woodcarving process is a folk art variety classified by engraving materials. Generally, the carvings of woody materials such as eucalyptus, birch, nanmu, eucalyptus, cedar, ginkgo, agarwood, mahogany, longan, etc., which are fine and flexible, are not used, and usually refer to carvings made of wood.

The art of woodcarving in China has a long history. Woodcarving has many types due to its wide range of applications and decorations, the variety of expressions, the different textures of carved wood and the various types of carving techniques. The various woodcarving crafts are full of Chinese auspicious culture and reflect the high value of woodcarving art. People can not only be used for collection, but also an excellent decoration for homes, office places, or public places such as restaurants, restaurants, and leisure.