skid case
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The chassis is made of sliding wood structure, and the wooden box made of box board and box file is used for the side and the end surface. The sliding wooden box is a medium-sized wooden box. The quality of the contents is limited to 200-1500kg. The outer dimensions are long, wide, and the height is limited to 7m. The width and height are less than 1.5m. It is mainly used for the packaging of mechanical products.

The assembly of pieces of goods. Ordinary wooden boxes are mainly carried on the basis of the end face and the side, and the sliding wooden box is mainly a wooden box based on the base, which can bear a larger load than the ordinary wooden case. Therefore, it is suitable as a wooden case for outer packaging of medium-sized products. Sliding wooden box (B type box). The sliding wooden box is composed of a base, a side surface, an end surface and a top cover. The side and end faces are first mounted on the base, and then the top cover is mounted on the side and end faces.