Maintenance of wooden crafts
- Dec 08, 2018 -

1. Wooden crafts must be stored in a moderate amount, and the objects stored in the cabinet should not exceed the door frame. If the hard plug is often hardened, the cabinet door will be deformed. The red wooden boards of wooden crafts are generally brittle, such as the table top and the chair. Always pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks. If you find that there is dislocation at the force when using or moving, be sure to re-gluing and sealing before use.

2. The panel of wooden crafts in order to protect the paint film from being scratched and to display the wood texture. Generally, a thick glass plate is placed on the table top, and the glass plate is separated by a small suction pad between the wooden table tops. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates.

Wooden handicrafts are generally used for a long time, so it is often necessary to protect the furniture surface coatings. It is best to wipe them with a little wax every three months, which not only increases the beauty of the furniture, but also protects the wood.

3. To keep the wooden crafts clean, use daily clean gauze to wipe the dust. It is not advisable to use a chemical brightener to avoid damage to the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture paint film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

4. Prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents from turning over. Otherwise, the surface of the furniture will be "scarred". When the surface of the furniture is stained with dirt, wash it with mild soapy water, dry it, and then wax it once to restore the original appearance, but avoid rubbing with solvent liquid such as gasoline, kerosene or turpentine, otherwise the surface will be wiped off. The gloss of the paint and lacquer.

5. Walnut oil used to maintain furniture is only suitable for unpainted, waxed furniture. The frequency of use should not be too high. Generally, it can be used once every 2-3 months. In a relatively dry environment, the maintenance interval can be shortened appropriately, and it can be maintained once a month. However, you must pay attention to the amount when you use it normally. The oil has the characteristics of vacuuming. If the amount is too large, the dust will adhere and the greasy feeling will be generated.

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